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We have tremendous pleasure in presenting anyone a fantastic providing products and services for every occasion inside Chennai in addition to outside the idea way too. Our best catering in Chennai and outside plan the menu as per the event and the theme of the function. We all are dedicated to delivering High Quality vegetarian food items to the clientele.

Our Wedding Planners

MasiambiK Caterer are excellent wedding planners in Chennai with professional event managers and experienced staffs to take care of your wedding event from A to Z.

Plan Ahead to Stay Cool

At MasiambiK Caterer, we know the value of perfect planning. Hence, we join our hands with you and start planning for your wedding well before you have thought about it. MasiambiK, as one of the leading wedding planners in Chennai, leave no stone unturned and make everything perfect by planning well. Our professional expertise with years of experience had indeed made us the legend in wedding planners.


It is said that marriages are made in heaven. We bring the heaven down to earth with our grand decorations. Just imagine what we shall make your wedding look like. With bright and vivid decorative flowers flocking the sides, brilliant lighting arrangements that the stars in the sky shall shy off, a pleasant music that shall sway everyone's heart and adding to all this glory, you standing together in the center stage as a princessand the prince.

Wedding Catering Service

We at MasiambiK Caterer serve "Annam", while others may say it as food. The richness, the quality and the flavor of Annam served in a traditional banana leaf in a methodical way has no word to express. Just eat to the stomach full, more than that to the heart's full. With great care taken in the preparation, we deliver 100% hygienic food that is also more delicious. MasiambiK Caterer assure you that words of praise shall reach your ears for the tasty food, the one great wish that your family will always cherish to hear. Our event managers will take good care of your guests, so that you can enjoy your celebrated wedding with your family and friends. From welcoming to providing thambulam, our catering services shall organize everything.